Eleven AM Group

Eleven AM is a holding company focused on Healthcare, Life Sciences, IT technologies and future trends.

Initially dedicated to the organization and optimization of healthcare structures, its activities lead to the creation of a company that became the French leader in physiotherapy at home, along with the development of innovative information technology tools for healthcare providers and patient management.

It recently increased the scope of its activities to biotechnologies, starting the implementation of cutting edge pharmaceutical bioinformatic tools towards the development of highly functional nutraceutical products based upon epigenetics.

Altogether, the different activities notably encompass:

  • The creation, organization and management of new healthcare structures
  • The optimization of existing medical facilities
  • The development of informatic tools for coordination and communication between patients and service providers
  • The sales and acquisitions of real estate for healthcare professionals
  • The development of innovative bioinformatic tools within the field of nutraceuticals and beyond

Our mission is to take an advantage of the latest breakthroughs in the field of IT technologies to build tools leading to dramatic innovation within Healthcare Systems and Life Sciences.

You wish to implement Innovative Technologies into your Healthcare structure or Life Science project?

ELEVEN AM co-founded Advance Formulas

ELEVEN AM launches Advance Formulas

March 1, 2018

ELEVEN AM launches Advance Formulas SARL, producing nutraceuticals based on the latest data from the fields of genomics & pharmacology. Our pioneering research uses artificial intelligence to develop unique formulas towards life extension and wellbeing.

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Kiné@Dom reports 2016 annual revenues

Kiné@Dom reports over 49,000 physiotherapy consultations in 2016

June 30, 2017

Kiné@Dom, our pilot company for The @Dom Concept, reports over 49,000 physiotherapy consultations in 2016 and 491% increase in the number of consultations between Year 1 and Year 5.

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