ELEVEN AM founded Advance Formulas

ELEVEN AM launches Advance Formulas SARL, dedicated to the development and distribution of cutting-edge food supplements based on the latest data from the fields of genomics & pharmacology.

Advance formulas’ pioneering research uses artificial intelligence to develop unique formulas towards life extension and wellbeing.

International Distribution Opportunities

Advance Formulas, SARL

Our flagship formulas:

Longevity : Targets the expression of longevity genes involved in processes such as DNA repair and telomeres maintenance, while inducing anti-oxidant and other anti-aging related pathways. Each active ingredient of longevity is present at active therapeutic human doses equivalent to these that achieved life extension in mammalian animals.

Skin Rejuvenation : Includes the most effective clinically tested nutraceutical ingredients to reduce wrinkles on human skin, while lessening hyperpigmentation, improving elasticity and enhancing photoprotection. Our compounds act beyond replenishing skin with what it needs, they reprogram the epigenetic structure of its cells to produce molecules such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, that make dermal tissue look and act younger.

Cartilage Complex : Reduces inflammation while promoting tissue regeneration and bone bio-mineralization. Its clinically tested molecules have demonstrated pain and stiffness reduction as well mobility and flexibility improvement. The reduction of inflammation it triggers allows the supply of extracellular matrix components to have a larger impact on joint healing.

The Science

Our team of scientists specialized in bioinformatics, genetics and pharmacology uses AI to analyze combinations of thousands of molecules in order to define adequate dosage and optimal absorption while targeting the largest synergetic effects. Data is pooled from pharmacological and genomic databases, then molecules are selected through the analysis of thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications and validated through in silico experiments involving biochemical pathways databases.

We are constantly designing new products and have a dozen formulas in the pipeline. Our company is open to partnerships with third parties to develop custom-made products according to their needs. As we are working with tools pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry, the scope of our candidate molecules is not limited to nutraceuticals but also encompasses pharma-leads. We are therefore developing a pharma-oriented spin-off project dedicated to preclinical pharmaceutical research.

Far from the “anti-aging” hype, our aim is to develop truly efficient formulas to prevent and reduce aging signs; we act at the molecular level on aging mechanisms in order to provide a new generation of nutraceuticals dedicated to extend human lifespan.