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Ephycient’s simple, effective and comprehensive management solutions are used by reputed practitioners. They can be accessed from any country, provided you have an internet connection.

Because we understand how your business evolves and its development needs, we can provide you with a solution that’s right for where you are right now but can also be upgraded at a later stage.

Plus, our team is on hand to help you install the software, learn how to use it and provide technical support where necessary.

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Ephycient.com: an easy-to-implement, effective, optimized and standardized working method for healthcare practices

  • Centralized information improves efficiency and optimizes working conditions
  • A comprehensive range of IT solutions to the problems encountered by healthcare practices
  • Software that supports your business development, no matter what stage you are at
  • Online software, available on all connected devices, no configuration required
  • A secure solution compliant with all the European medical data protection regulations

A concrete solution, developed according to analysis and critique by leading Health and Public Health specialists


Ephycient.com optimization helps You saving time… and money!

  • 30% less time spent managing your team
  • Secretarial staff spends 30% less time processing files
  • 75% reduction in missed appointments
  • Geolocation optimizes home visits:
    • 50% reduction in kilometers travelled
    • 40% reduction in travel time (+10% revenue)
  • Other unquantified positive impacts:
    • patient satisfaction
    • employee satisfaction
    • stock outages avoided
    • lower risk of road accidents
    • etc

Ephycient.com has been working with Kiné@Dom, our home care pilot company, since September 2013, boosting its revenue from €119,029 in Q4 2013 to €264,534 in Q4 2016. Consultations per quarter increased from 5,620 to 12,490.

Ephycient Genomics

Ephycient is also a secure online platform allowing to centralize, share and analyze patient’s genetic data. Furthermore, it allows our team to propose an Artificial Intelligence-based genomic analysis service; notably in the field of oncogenetics.

Our scientific team specializing in genetics gathers the latest medical data towards the P4M concept “Predictive, Personalized, Preventive & Participatory Medicine”

Ephycient genomics uses the latest Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and offers the whole spectrum of DNA analyses:

  • Pharmacogenetics: Drug response evaluation through cytochrome polymorphisms profiling in order to classify patients in non-responders, toxic responders, fast responders and slow responders.
  • Oncogenetics: Patient testing along with tumor Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for personalized treatment directions, such as drug combination choices.
  • Reproductive genetics: Carrier- Non-invasive prenatal- and Newborn- testing.
  • Predictive genetics: On-demand Health, Nutrigenetic and WGS.

We are constantly striving to keep apace with the latest advances in AI, genetics and pharmacology. Hence we are also proposing tailor-made services to medical groups, from data and processes management through to advanced diagnostics, towards a global modernization of their structures and offerings.

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