Eleven AM launches its Life Sciences division

Evolving at the edge of future technologies, ELEVEN AM is increasing the scope of its activities within the field of Life Sciences, initiating the development of a cutting-edge nutraceutical based on epigenetics and dedicated to skin rejuvenation.

Our team of scientists specialized in aging genetics, gerontology, bioinformatics and statistics have used their knowledge to design an innovative strategy within the field of nutraceutical development. They have analyzed thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications and pooled data from several genomic platforms with tools pertaining to the pharma industry and artificial intelligence to develop a truly unique formula.

Clinically tested ingredients to be included in the product have visible effects on the skin from wrinkle volume reduction to skin hydration and luster augmentation through to elasticity enhancement. Their action has been demonstrated at the cellular level, from gene expression to protein synthesis. Our product will stimulate collagen and hyaluronic synthesis, increase skin elastin content and promote microcirculation, while protecting from both internal and external oxidative stress and inhibiting matrix metalloproteases, responsible for several aspects of skin aging.

Over the last decades, there has been a misuse and an abuse of the term “anti-aging”. Our aim is to develop a truly efficient product to reduce wrinkles, reversing not only visible but also physiological effects of skin aging.