Lindoweb, LDA

Seeking for innovation in healthcare and lifestyle, our team is aware that carpooling is definitely a good habit, that will grow even more every day: it's part of what people call the "sharing economy" and it's becoming more and more important all over the world.

In 2014, we decided to take part in this great adventure by investing in Lindoweb LDA, offering carpooling services in Portugal and Hungary. The company posses a large portfolio of prestigious customers such as the Footbal Club of Porto, Nokia and Kuanto Kusta.

Travelling in Portugal became cheap, ecological and fun!

Carpooling is something you probably already did with some of your friends: it's simply the fact of travelling with people by sharing a car and the trip costs (fuel and highway).

It became an efficient and very popular way to travel in North America and Western Europe... and portugese are naturally / quickly following this good habit.

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Travelling in Hungary became cheap, ecological and fun!

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